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Empowering Our Users

User Research Case Study

I was hired as a UX Research contractor to independently conduct a user research project on parents of an athlete. This case study had a large impact on how BallerTV approached their new mission statement and how BallerTV sees their customers.

Why was this research important to BallerTV?

1. Understand who BallerTV's customers are to align roadmap to our users.

3. Understand the value of our large extensive media content library.

4. Knowing who our users are will help product and design team execute business opportunities.

5. Align everyone in the company to understand who our customers are.

2. Increase BallerTV's LTV (loan to value).

Research Question

What does it mean to be a parent of an athlete?

User Groups

Parents of an Athlete

A user case study on parents have never been done before and we needed to understand what it means to be a parent of an athlete without BallerTV.

BallerTV Parents

To compare the parents who haven't heard of BallerTV, conducting a separate user research interview of our customers will help us identify the value of BallerTV. 

Research Goal

The interviews will provide insights on parents. The goal for this research is to understand behaviors, values, aspirations, needs, and pain points for being an involved parent of an athlete. 

Interview Process

A total of 12 parents were interviewed. 8 parents have not heard of BallerTV and rest of them have used BallerTV before. Each interview was around 45 minutes long. Each group had the same set of questions. BallerTV parents group had additional questions. All interviews were recruited and scheduled through User Interviews. 

Affinity Diagram


Cheerleader Parent
Good-Hearted Parent
Overbearing Parent
Proactive Parent

User Journey

Customer Journey


What are the values of being a parent of an athlete?

Empathy Map

A+I POEMS Framework



Meaning of Being a Parent
Patterns/ Rituals/ Behaviors
Order Provided
Social Order



Key Findings

The biggest perception this company had was parents wanted their athletes to get scouted for college through sports. In reality, parents wanted their athletes to grow up healthy, physically and mentally. Sports are a valuable life lesson that parents want to teach their athletes. They enjoy watching athletes achieve goals through sports and the athletes are enjoying it through the process. They will sacrifice anything they can for their athletes. 

Previous Mission Statement

BallerTV’s mission is to rapidly expand the spectrum of sports coverage so you’ll never miss a game again. More games mean more families staying connected, more footage means more insights, more exposure means more opportunities to get recruited.

(Before July 2019)

New Mission Statement

BallerTV is on a mission to connect families and communities through the power of live sports everywhere.