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Athlete Mixtape

A Web-based Product Design Project

BallerTV's Athlete Mixtape allows families to purchase a highlight reel of their athlete by selecting the games they want to curate. Our internal team will handpick the best moments from the games selected to put together. Families are allowed to choose up to 4 different events and 5 games per event selected. This product was launched Fall 2019.

Business Opportunity

1. BallerTV's "Player Clip" was a product that a user can purchase a highlight reel for 1 game. Monitoring through support tickets and user feedback on Player Clip, we have identified there was a bigger request to purchase a highlight reel with multiple games.

2. Families are downloading footages from the website and creating their own 



1. The current search engine is poorly structured and will not be a reliable source to quickly present games.

2. Displaying user's past viewing history is also not a reliable source to quickly present events and games.

Design Goal

Design with less friction.



User Journey Map


Information Architecture



Version 1.0


User Testing Results

Completion Rate


Average Time


Difficulty Mean


1 very easy - 5 very hard

Some users were closing the modal to input jersey number because users tend to close pop up modals. UI change to not allow users to close window is needed for full completion of the ordering process.


Version 1.5

Changes Made

This version had no design changes but was more intended to capture more data. One of the major request was a UX change by adding the payment before the start of the ordering process. 

UX Audit

Monitoring through Hotjar recordings of customers ordering their mixtape, I have noted a number of UX concerns that were found and were later validated through Google Analytics as well. Listed are a few major concerns I had with version 1:

1. There were a huge drop off after filling out athlete information. My hypothesis is a few things; unpleasant individualized questions per page and 4 step progress bar that didn't show much of the progress.

2. The experience on desktop is efficient but our data showed a 68% of users were ordering through mobile. The experience on mobile is jarring because some steps require a modal pop up that feels disconnected from the ordering process.

3. The ordering process requires a user to bucket all the events, teams, and games separately. Instead of completing one event at a time. This was a major concern because it requires users to think inconveniently.

4. Users would click on the entire tile instead of the button on the tile. This is a UI concern.


Version 2.0


UX/UI Requirements

For 2.0

1. Redesign and focus on mobile experience.

2. Enable search engine for event level team search. 

4. Update to rebrand principles.

5. Game preview is more prompt on the UX.

3. Users stick to 2 evens max.

User Testing Results

Decreased time



Average Time

V1 - 4m43s


Next Step

The version 2.0 was a massive improvement than the first version. This version is under development.

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