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Farmers Market Toolkit

Design a solution that simplifies and organizes the complete shopping experience at the farmers market.



Conducted 6 observational interviews to identify problems occurred while shopping at a farmers market.

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User Type

My interviewees were a single household shopper around the age of 20-27.

Common Themes

2015-02-01 09.29.08.jpg

Holding multiple bags while digging for their wallet.

2015-01-29 21.09.40.jpg

Multiple plastic bags are thrown inside a tote bag and crushing fragile product.

2015-02-01 13.54.18.jpg

After washing their produce, the product are placed inside their refrigerator.

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User Journey Map

The user journey map starts from their home, to the farmers market, and back home all the way to the refrigerator.


Infinity Map

Dissecting all the data gathered from the user journey map, I was able to create and analysis my data through an infinity map to find insights. 




User shops at a farmers market to less depend on the massive industry + support small farmers. 

Plastic bags are used to hold or store produce but are not sustainable for consistent use. 

User configures bag to organize + fit all produce. 

User does not purchase certain produce to avoid damages during transportation. 

The strap of the bag + the weight causes discomfort to user. 

User needs reminder notes on what to purchase.

Design a product that enables people to support farmers markets. 

Design a solution that would store or hold produce in a sustainable and consistent manner. 

Design a solution that allows the user to efficiently store produce regardless of its form factor. 

Design a solution that does not limit their choice of produce because of transportation. 

Design a solution that will allow a user to have a more comfortable shopping experience. 

Design a system that lets you know what to buy. 



Sketching out all possible solutions for a multiple product kit to help the experience shopping at a farmers market.



2015-04-10 11.35.48.jpg

A bag with multiple dividers to organize within the bag.


A bag with removable straps to go from tote bag to backpack to help strain your shoulders less.

2015-04-10 11.30.24.jpg

Containers that fit into a bag to reduce impact of product being squished into the bag.


Eat Local Always

Ela is a kit of products that help the farmers market shopping experience.



2015-04-14 00.55.09.jpg

Designed as a tote bag to easily open and handle goods.

2015-04-14 01.06.54.jpg

Detachable straps to change bag from tote bag to backpack to lessen shoulder strain.

2015-04-14 01.01.33.jpg

Containers with window slit to display container inside the fridge or out on the counter.

2015-04-14 01.01.16.jpg

Bottom of the containers have slits for easy rinse and drain.

2015-04-14 00.51.15.jpg

Handles on top of the container for easy carry and holes for longer product to strand.

2015-04-14 01.00.14.jpg

The bag fits all 3 containers snug and has room for additional purchases such as eggs, baked goods, etc.


This project was done in 14 weeks during 3rd semester at Art Center College of Design.

(January 2015 - April 2015)

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